Sabil USA is a non-profit health and human services organization that serves the underserved population in Orange County. We believe that every human has the right to live in dignity as
a fully contributing member of society.

COVID-19 Update

Dear Community,

As we all find ourselves navigating this unprecedented situation caused by COVID-19, providers of health and human services, like Sabil USA, are uniquely impacted. Sabil USA is firmly committed to the health and safety of our clients, our staff, and serving our communities. We are closely monitoring the changing situation, and complying with public health guidance.

The following guidelines have been instituted to ensure continuity of our services to the community:

  • All assistance requests and correspondences are being managed via virtual meetings.
  • Food pantry visits are by appointment-only. We are working with our community partners to prepare and provide food boxes in place of our standard pantry visits. We are also looking into delivery of these boxes to clients who are unable to do a pick-up.

While we work with our local and national partners to figure out ways to mitigate the gaps in our access to funding, we are in urgent need of your support.

In order to retain our amazing workforce and continue to provide our services to the community, we are respectfully asking for you to consider making any donation that you were considering for Ramadan, now. Our work is unconditional; your support is crucial.

How can you help?
Sabil USA relies on your financial support to provide services to those in need. The following is a list of our projects that need your attention:

Support Expenses Operational Expenses
Financial Assistance $70,000 Administrative Expenses (Salaries) $100,000
Housing Assistance $65,000 Rent & Utilities $60,000
Educational Assistance $7,000 General Operations $25,000
Widow/Orphan Program $35,000 Technology $5,000
Food Pantry $50,000    
Mental Health Services $40,000    

Our number one goal is to continue providing the critical services that children and families need, during this crisis, and beyond. We are well-positioned to help our communities weather the extraordinary situation that COVID-19 has created, but we need your help more than ever.

With tremendous gratitude,

The Board of Directors
Sabil USA

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