Development Coordinator

Job Title::Development Coordinator

Direct Reports to: Executive Director

Contracted Employee: Yes

Supervises Others: Yes



The Development Coordinator will work closely with the Executive Director, Marketing Communications Manager, and the Relations committee, and the Board of Directors to meet the development goals of Sabil. The Development Coordinator will be a keystone member of the team, with a concentration in successfully leading the annual fund, special events, and donor stewardship initiatives. This position will also be responsible for effective and efficient use of resources and the donor management system to measure and achieve development goals. They will be asked to think both strategically about the larger efforts of the department, along with performing highly detailed and creative work daily.


Responsibilities for Development Coordinator

  • Formulates short and long term goals concerning the development efforts of the organization.
  • Develops actionable strategies for meeting and exceeding those goals through grants, sponsorships, gifts, etc.
  • Structures the resource development team to best approach a variety of financial development goals.
  • Raises awareness of the organization and its primary goals through outreach efforts, regular events in the community, publications, and media relations.
  • Discovers new and potentially lucrative revenue streams for expansion of the organization’s fundraising efforts.
  • Tracks revenue and fundraising trends, then uses the information to predict future opportunities for expansion efforts and avoid any downtrends in sponsorships.
  • Serves as primary contact for all sponsorship efforts
  • Establish a realistic budget for events and account for anticipated fundraising outcomes
  • Cultivates and maintains relationships with major organizations and sponsors by responding to their inquiries, keeping them apprised of recent events with the organization and showing them the value their sponsorships have made possible.
  • Works with the advertisement and marketing departments to promote fundraising events using flyers, advertisements and digital marketing outreach
  • Assume full responsibility for various fundraising efforts including product sales, obtaining items for sale in auctions and acquiring donations
  • Coordinate all aspects of fundraising events and activities planning to execution
  • Work directly with management and development team to manage project workflow and oversee day to day milestones for projects
  • Publishes regular updates on major events and success of the organization.



  • Must possess strong business knowledge and ability to think in a variety of business environments.
  • Must have strong interpersonal skills and ability to work with a wide variety of potential sponsor organizations.
  • Must exercise exceptional time management skills and be able to meet fundraising deadlines.
  • Public speaking skills are required for speeches at virtual events, presentations on recent achievements, and meetings with sponsors and staff members.
  • Must be able to inspire trust and camaraderie in employees and potential sponsors alike.
  • Must demonstrate knowledge of development strategies, social media campaigning, and public relations.
  • Exceptional writing and communication skills.


  • Bachelor’s degree required. Master’s degree recommended in nonprofit management, business administration, public administration, community development, or public policy.
  • Must have at least five years’ experience in fundraising, human resources, or business management.
  • Must have demonstrated history in leadership, project management, public relations, group facilitation, or event planning.


  • Time will be divided between office meetings within the organization and meetings with potential sponsors.


  • Competitive salary based upon experience