Charities have always been considered the most noble of acts. It helps the community rise up and get through challenging times. Ever since the beginning of time, the drive to help others has always been present in human beings. Our conscience doesn’t let us live in peace if we see someone in need.which is why we help them. But before we talk about charity and how it impacts the society that we live in, it is crucial to understand what it is.

Charity is an act of kindness, dome selflessly without expecting a reward in return. The act of doing anything for public benefit is considered to be charity. Be it you, helping someone carry their groceries home, or you donating food to the needy. All these acts are acts of charity as the end result is helping others out. It can be done in the form of giving money or can be done by providing assistance to the needy. Nevertheless, the people who benefit from it will always remember the giver in their well wishes and prayers. 

What is the purpose of charity?

Giving to charities will not only help the giver but it has many other benefits as well. It promotes generosity and helpfulness in society as it removes the class difference and allows the affluent class to help the less fortunate ones meet their needs. While it might sound like an old system, it really does wonders to maintain equilibrium in society. The people who have money learn to share their wealth with those who don’t. It helps the wealthy people resonate with the pain of the poorer families who are making ends meet with little to no money. 

How much charity should you give?

Allah (S.W.T) loves those who help others, no matter how insignificant or small the deed is. So, if you think that helping an old woman cross the road won’t do you any good, you are mistaken. The person who you helped might pray for you and give you a blessing which Allah listens to and fulfills. While there is a certain bar set for charity for Muslims, you really shouldn’t hesitate to give to others as it cleanses the wealth and brings one closer to God.

Many people prefer to give 2 to 6% of their wealth out in charity. While it might seem like a difficult task to measure your wealth, you can easily calculate the current value of your assets. The current value will then help you determine how much you need to give. 

Who can we give charity to?

There are a lot of people who you can give charity to. The people who are less fortunate is a vast term which is why we need to simplify who is the right person to donate to. The general list consists of people who have fallen victim to war, poverty or natural disaster. Other than that, all those who can no longer earn due to a sickness or any other issue are also able to benefit from charity. In the modern world, you will see refugees fleeing their countries to find refuge in other safer countries. They leave everything that they have behind in order for a safe future. These are the people who need help in finding homes, food and a place to sleep at. Helping them will also count as charity. If you want to donate for the rehabilitation of Afghan refugees, visit Sabil and donate now.

There are many charities working to provide help to all those who need it. If you feel like there is a specific charity that speaks to you more than the others, you can become their regular sponsor and donor. That way you will be able to help hundreds of people.

The impact of giving charity, on the society:

Now that we know a lot about charity, let’s see how it can actually impact society for the better. 

  • Reduces poverty: The main reason why charity is important is because it reduces poverty. As the wealth is distributed from those who have a lot of it to the ones who have less, poverty declines. People sharing wealth will always ensure that everyone has a little money to eat and feed themselves. This brings equilibrium in the society and helps prevail justice.
  • Increases the feeling of brotherhood: A lot of times we do not like sharing our things with others. That is exactly what charity works on. It helps people share and increases the feeling of belongingness amongst one another. When you learn to share, you realize the problems of others and it helps you resonate with them more. This is one of the main reasons why giving charity leaves one feeling lighter and happier. It clears up our misconceptions about others and gives us a fresh perspective on life.
  • Reduces jealousy and envy: When you share by giving charity, you remove jealousy and envy from the lives of many. People who didn’t have nice things before or didn’t have enough food to keep themselves fed will now have you to help them. And that alone will help them reduce the negative feelings that they had for the wealthy ones. 
  • Promotes kindness and empathy: In today’s world, one of the hardest things to do is to show empathy and kindness to others. The charity helps bridge that gap and enables one to feel the pain of others. In the month of Ramadan when Muslim fasts, they get to experience the pain of a person who has nothing to eat. Whereas by giving charity, you realize the pain and sufferings of others and help you do more for them.

Final Thoughts:

These are the major benefits that giving charity has on society. You will see that not only does it bring one closer to God, but it also helps maintain the equilibrium of society. In Islam, giving charity is one of the 5 basic pillars of Islam which every Muslim believes in, in order to be called a Muslim. Try to give as much charity as you can, so you leave a better world behind while making your way to heaven.