We, as humans, have the responsibility to devote our lives to helping others. Many of us do so already by volunteering in their communities, or by helping others in any way that they can. These selfless acts done just to please God or for your own satisfaction fills the heart with gratitude and joy. And that is a feeling that cannot be bought. You can take any materialistic thing in the world, but the joy that comes from helping others, stays unmatched. That is when you wonder, if this was the purpose of your life. If you were brought into this world, solely to make the world a better place for others to live in. While doing good deeds is important all year round, it holds special importance in the month of Ramadan. 

Muslims all over the world dedicate their time in this Holy Month by serving the needy and helping them out. The rewards for doing good deeds is multiplied in this month which is why every Muslim shoudl strive to go above and beyond to help others. Here’s a list of all the good deeds that you can do in this Blessed Month of Ramadan:

Volunteer at a Non-Profit Organization:

Volunteering is an act of giving, where a person sacrifices their time and energy solely to help others out. It is a noble act as it helps you connect with others and brings you closer to their pain and struggles. Because when you see others who are trying to do their best after being in stressful situations, you become empathetic and that’s what motivates one to go out of their way to help others. Volunteering doesn’t just mean doing ration drives, but it can also involve you spending time at different shelters helping them out in their daily chores. Adding to a noble cause will benefit you too as your heart will feel lighter and more at peace. 

Give out Ration Boxes:

Ration boxes play a huge role in Ramadan. Families and individuals who are unable to afford a proper diet need these ration boxes to replenish the nutrients required for a body to function. Especially after breaking a fast, a body needs extra hydration and food so that it can make up for the day.  If you are unable to spend extra time serving at a volunteer house, you can always buy some basic food necessities like bread, eggs, milk, rice and lentils, and drop them off to the people who need it the most. Keep an eye around you to spot the families that are barely making ends meet and then give those ration boxes to them. 

Give Charity:

While charity can be given at any time of the year, many Musloims prefer to give it during Ramadan. Since the reward is multiplied, Muslims donate and give money to those in need. You can distribute money or collect from the people around you and then donate to a shelter who deals with helping people. Or you can donate it directly to the people who you think need it the most. But charity doesn’t always have to be monetary. Helping others out is also an act of charity. You can help a neighbor with their chores or pay for someone’s groceries at the store. That too is a good deed that is equivalent to giving charity. 

Focus on helping others:

Our goal should always be to help others. That’s what us humans are supposed to do. Be kind to others and their needs and then see how you can accommodate them. Not everyone might need help with food or money which is why it is crucial to find new ways to help others. Some might need help to take care of the sick people at their house. While some might need an extra pair of hands to get their house painted. Offer to help out in activities like these because these too are good deeds. God rewards all acts of kindness, so never let any chance of helping others go unnoticed. 

Send Iftar to the Needy:

One amazing way to get multiple rewards is by sending iftar to others. Notice the students living alone around you, or the sick elderly couple. Make double the serving of whatever you plan on having for iftar and then send it to them. You will make their day a whole lot better by doing such a simple thing. If you can’t do that, buy an extra box of dates while doing your groceries and give that to these people. It’s not the grand gestures or the big things that one does, but the small things that leave the biggest impact.

Final Thoughts:

At Sabil, we always promote the acts of giving and the importance of being kind to one another. If you want to spend your Ramadan doing good deeds, you can choose to volunteer with us. We do iftar and ration drives along with many other activities so we could always use an extra pair of hands. 

Despite all the negativity that surrounds us it is high time that we come together as a community to help one another out. And what better time to do it than the Holy month of Ramadan. Let’s take this month as an opportunity to be kinder and nicer to the people around us. As Ron Hall once said, “Together we can change the world, just one random act of kindness at a time”.